Thursday, October 13, 2016


This workshop is for those who are already familiar with nodular diploma knows what Brida, openwork, net, snake, capuchin and, most importantly, is able to weave it all.

Green lampshade

Materials needed for the work:

1. Cord thickness 3 - 3.5 mm - 172 m
2. Ring with fastening for a lamp with a diameter of 17 cm
3. Frame: Top ring diameter 17 cm, bottom ring diameter 36 cm, supports (8 pcs.) In height 27 cm.4. Ring diameter of 7.5 cm (8 pcs.)5. Ring diameter 36 cm Go to work: 1. Cut 40 strands of 3.5 m and flexing them in half to hang on the way to 3 ring holder for the lamp. We've got 80 strands.2. Distribute the thread into 8 groups (10 pcs. Each) and weave a circle of zigzag Merezhko breed.3. Naplesti all the threads rep nodes on the upper frame ring (10 strands between the posts).4. Weave 5 rows of openwork mesh from a combination of the right and left hinge assemblies (each link of 3 knots: left, right, left).5. Further, in each section (between two frame struts) weave mesh at an angle (to the center) of the scheme: 3-2-1 to 8 secondary filaments. The last thread of each section (1 and 10) is set aside.6. Cut the strands 16 to 2 m.7. Check the angle of each diagonal section of Brides. To do this, use the 2nd and 8th thread of each section as nodular diagonal weave counter Breeden. Each Bryden, for the expansion of the web, add one two-meter yarn, folded it in half and hung on a nodular manner 3. knotted thread counter breed connect rep assembly.8. Pending earlier outermost filaments of adjacent sections (1 and 10) of each rack frame oplesti twisted planar chains of nodes 6 5 units flat knots in each link.9. In the middle two strands weave each section snake chain of 6 knots.10. On 2 and 3 threads weave a chain of 3 knots hinge (right, left, right), retreated 1.5 - 2 cm from the edge of the left diagonal Breeden.11. On 10 and 11 threads to weave a chain of 3 knots hinge (left, right, left), I retreated 1.5 - 2 cm from the edge of the right diagonal Breeden.12. In each section of braid ring of 7.5 cm diameter, using all 12 filaments. The two middle strands Perevi each other inside the ring.13. On the 2 middle strands of each section, under the ring, snake weave of 3 knots. And the extreme, reaching down from the ring and threads (1 and 12) to throw through the corresponding upper extreme thread (running to the ring).14. Using strands of braid stands as nodules, perform in each section of Brides counter diagonal at an angle to the center.Knotted thread counter breed connect rep node.15. Fill the empty corners 5th rows of openwork mesh of combinations of right and left hinge assemblies according to the scheme 1-2-3-4-5, where:1, 2, 3 and 4 rows - each link of 3 knots (left , right, left)5 series - each grid element of one of the left hinge assembly.16. Naplesti all the threads rep nodes on the lower frame ring.17. Naplesti rep all the threads of nodes on a ring with a diameter of 36 cm.18. At the ends of the threads to tie knots capuchin.

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