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Gloucester - elegant half-spokes (5) (700x533, 296Kb)

Gloucester - elegant half-spokes (3) (700x639, 426Kb)
Gloucester - elegant half-spokes (6) (514x700, 378Kb)Gloucester - elegant half-spokes (7) (510x700, 417Kb)

Long crochet vest with a round yoke
5988810_345 (400x698, 67Kb)
Size: 36-40
You will need: 900 g of blue-green Pareo yarn (100% cotton, 50 m / 100 g); circular needles number 12; 3 buttons.
Attention! Back and shelves knitted cloth one.
Wrong expanse: persons. R. - PHI. n., PHI. R. - Persons. P.
Pattern 1: Knit according to Scheme 1, which shows the individual only. p., in the PHI. R. loop knit in a pattern nakida - PHI. Start with 1 chrome. and loops before rapport, rapport repeat loop 13 times, finish loops after rapport and 1 chrome. Decrease to perform under the scheme. Run one time with the 1st to the 54th p., Then repeat the 53 th and 54 th district.
Pattern 2: Knit of Scheme 2, which shows the individual. and PHI. R. Start with loops before rapport, rapport repeat loops, loops after finishing rapport. Decrease to perform under the scheme. Run one time with the 1st to the 14th district.
Eraser: alternately 1 individuals, PHI 1..
Density knitting, pattern 1: 8 n and 11 p.. = 10 x 10 cm.
Description of work: dial 124 n and knit Pattern 1. After 56 cm from the edge of typesetting close the remaining 72 § To round yoke dial 119 n and link 14 p.... pattern 2. Then tie 4 p. band, while in the 1st p. every 7th and 8th p. knit together a drawing, and the remaining loops close. Sew details, connect with the corresponding edge of the A and B on the pattern edges With left open for the armholes. Along the edges of shelves, including the short sides of the circular yoke, scored 69 para. (Holes connected using newly recruited loop) and tie 4 p. band, while the 2nd p. Right on the bar shelves perform 3 holes for the buttons: knit 47 p, 2 n close and once again collect them:.. perform 2 more holes at intervals of 6 n Sew buttons..
5988810_345a (700x639, 105Kb)5988810_345b (700x536, 34Kb)

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