Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crochet socks and Elf slippers made of felt

4127808170_f0b874b14a (500x375, 182Kb)

4338945325_b49c07cf38 (500x375, 157Kb)
2 (500x439, 276Kb)1 (500x419, 257Kb)3 (500x606, 198Kb)4 (500x435, 285Kb)6 (500x557, 390Kb)4262086681_cd4962e49d (375x500, 165Kb)


Knit crochet socks.  Schemes (1) (587x549, 319Kb)

Knit crochet socks.  Schemes (3) (700x287, 190Kb)

Knit crochet socks.  Scheme (2) (493x530, 193Kb)Knit crochet socks.  Diagrams (4) (594x456, 212Kb)Knit crochet socks.  Diagrams (5) (700x570, 447Kb)Knit crochet socks.  Diagrams (6) (596x623, 471Kb)

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