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dpl1 (600x480, 167Kb)
Bright children's plaid associated spokes of square motifs with a relief pattern. Motives of knitted hosiery needles from the outer edge to the center of interleaved front and purl waste, this gives a convex band forming the bulk geometric pattern.

For knitting a small children's rug in the stroller 50 x 50 cm it took 2 and a quarter skein Alize yarn (children acrylic) , hosiery needles №2,5 - 5 pieces. Melange yarn bright coloring emphasizes the benefit design motifs.
dpl2 (405x336, 89Kb)
To the center of a large square rug linked, it is two times wider than the small motifs. For knitting a large square in the 4 stocking spokes type 40 loops (a total of 160 loops), close them in the ring and knit in a circle, alternating 4 rows facial loops, purl 4 rows of loops. Every 2nd row at the end of each of the spokes do decrease by 1 loop, provyazyvaya last two loops on each spoke with the front or underside of a drawing. When will all 8 loops, cut the working yarn on the needles. The tip segment prodernite hook through the remaining sts and fasten it in the ring.
dpl3 (581x480, 157Kb)
The small squares knitted similarly large, but on a smaller number of loops. Type in the 4-spoke 20 loops (a total of 80 loops), close them in the ring and knit, alternating 4 rows of the front stitch, purl 4 rows. Also, in every second row subtract loop, provyazyvaya together by drawing the last 2 sts on each needles.
dpl4 (414x336, 85Kb)
dpl5 (391x336, 34Kb)
dpl6 (378x336, 38Kb)
Bind the required number of motives. Knit small squares, picking up the color transition of yarn, so they obtained two different colors.
dpl7 (352x336, 24Kb)
Related square because of the relief pattern does not hold shape. To make the explanation associated square shape, moisten them, drag on the tissue surface and secure the corners with pins. When motives are dry, you can begin to sew them into a single fabric.
dpl8 (640x360, 172Kb)
dpl9 (557x480, 209Kb)
Plaid crosslinked motifs tie strap garter stitch. To do this, type 15 loops on the needle and one loop further pull on the edge of the needle loops plaid edge. Turn the work, knit the first two loops along the front, and the rest, as usual, facial. The next row knit all facial hinge and pull back from the edge of the rug a new loop on the needle.Next, knit, repeating the first and second series of paintings to the corner.
dpl10 (448x252, 64Kb)
To vyvyazat angle strips, make shortened rows. Knit a number of facial to the inner edge of the 14 loops around the 15th wrap the working thread, turn the work and knit back row. The next row knit 13 loops, and around 14 minutes to wrap the working thread by turning the work, knit back. This continues until provyazhete 1 st, 2 nd round wrap the working yarn and turn the work 1 persons. Forms a wedge.
dpl11 (395x336, 32Kb)
Now knit shortened rows, gradually adding on 1st loop in each row.
Placing this wrap around strap, sew its beginning and end. 

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