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How to sew a stylish dress denim shirt
For all the variety of incarnations    shirts dresses I have long looked with admiration on the part of, but not particularly encroaches on her husband's wardrobe for this purpose. Until then, until once again examining the case, I did not find it a denim shirt from the time of our student body with him (and it is terrible to think, it was ... a very long time, in general).
Actually, that's it, this is my trophy:
dress shirt
Surprised that does not get rid of it at the time of last revision, resolutely gathered to do it this time, and put it into a bag with things "on the move" ( "things on the move" - it is my things, which it is currently still great, but already quite boring, so I do not throw them away, and they looking for some new owners, sending them to a variety of charitable activities, or simply taken to the church ). Well, how often do I have there, take this bag just does not happen. This time, fortunately. I do not remember how it came to me this (not new at the time for me) thought, but I decided in the end to remake the shirt in summer dress sundress for active rest and replenish the already diverse piggy bank Internet's ideas on this sentimental theme. But jokes aside. We get down to business.

Logically, you first need to determine the model (not to get "Go there, do not know where," and so on in the text). I would like a free dress-sac close to the sporting style. The basis for this model 121A took the pattern from Burda 8/2015:
denim dress
Hoses once - to the side (I also plan on a summer dress!). Box pleated - too. Pattern forehand divided into two parts, ruthlessly cutting it above the recesses in accordance with their ideas, and based on the geometry of the original material items (shirts). Well, now you can indulge in all serious, you have to start cutting! Yaba-da-ba-do !. Since the "trophy" I had got a pretty big (! As much as 54-gauge), I did not zaparivatsya with ripping, just cut the joints (for those who are part man smaller, I recommend still seams it rip - a couple of centimeters at shearing can play an important role). The layout pattern I got this:
From the front of the shirt
All parts of the shirt front, I decided to save due to the fact that all jeans otporotoe clearly noticeable. Shirts cut out from before the lower front part of the dress, matching the waist line (on-board) with the middle of the height of a jacket pockets. One layer yoke cut off (usually on men's shirts double it).
jeans style
From the back shirt
From the back, respectively, to cut out the lower part of the backrest dresses, combining with the upper section of the seam, which is sewn on the shirt Coquette.
From sleeveless shirt
Because the sleeves cut out the tops of the forehand and backrest folded in the middle of every detail. In order to "push" the pattern of new parts in the framework of arms, had cut as it upside down (pictured bottom cut out abroad sleeves, but that the original pattern, cut out finally on the dotted line, which can be seen in the pattern). If a shirt with a pattern or fabric, for which the direction of cut is important, such a number can not pass.
Master Class
Optional step: cut out of burlap pockets sleeves residues (pockets made in the side seams).
MK sewing
Successfully "wedge" all the details and a sigh of relief, joy cut out and start sewing. If you do not do the pockets, the algorithm turns out quite simple: the undercut, the upper part before joining with the lower part, the same thing is done for the back and then the shoulder and side seams - total 6 stitches! I had one more thing that is associated with the nature of the tissue. In order to hide my contrast seams on denim factory, closed the new seams and leather piping sections:
How to sew a stylish dress denim shirt

How to sew a stylish dress denim shirt

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