Thursday, September 1, 2016


1 (466x700, 63Kb)

 Materials: Consumption 300g thread thickness of 300m / 100g, №4 hook. Make a pattern in size. Call a chain  in length waist. Next knit according to the basic scheme

11 (700x394, 64Kb)

The first series before the end of the proposed fastener knit back and forth.
1 and 2 rows knit without of increases.
3 series; make allowances 4 c / o at regular intervals,
the following series: do also gain 4 in the middle of the previous increases of

12 (231x230, 35Kb)

Next, make allowances according to their pattern in each row 4 to the hips. Then - depending on the pattern. Do not increase one by the other to the canvas skirt flowed gently. In order to tie the belt, prepare the foundation - waistband 10 cm wide tape, tie fabric, and the desired length. Edge tie "rachim step."

16 (519x412, 34Kb)

14 (576x175, 32Kb)

15 (504x118, 22Kb)

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