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Knitting pattern rug "fur"

An interesting technique of crochet with long loops on heavy canvas gives a lush pattern with simulated "fur". With this technique, you can knit trim various knitwear and accessories, I suggest tie Housing lush bedside rug from different thread residues.

Collect all unsold glomeruli, sort them by color and the thickness of the thread, do not be afraid to combine yarns and color combinations. The mat consists of equal-sized squares connected pattern "fur", which are sewn on the wrong side.
Description for knitting square mat:
To start knitting dial the required number of air loops equal to the size of the selected side of the square, for example, 12 cm + 1 Air. lifting loop. 1st row knit columns without nakida. Turn the work, make one Air. lifting loop and knit 2nd row pulling long loops. To do this, * a column bottom lies a number of enter hook, capturing the working thread and pull the loop. Then, raising his index finger of his left hand with a thread, grab hook working thread extending over a finger and knit all the loops on the hook without lifting your finger out of the loop, thus forming a loop and pulling it to the desired length.

When you have finished knitting column, release your finger and then repeat from * to end of row, each column of forming a long loop, which are located on the back side of knitting.
3rd row: 1 abstentions. lifting loop and knit Locking row of  SC.

Then repeat knitting the 2nd and third row to the selected square size.
Schematic knitting "fur" pattern:

Knitting pattern rug "fur"

Imposing a required number of squares, place them in the desired order of the color and stitch on the wrong side.
Knitting pattern rug "fur"
Dimensions mat will depend on the number of connected square

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