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yu (500x532, 190Kb)

Source http://biserok.org/izumrudnoe-kole/
Author necklace: Kelly Wiese Beautiful color!Rich, bright and radiant, immediately rushed into the eyes and necklaces in such bold emerald look even more beautiful and spectacular. The materials needed for weaving: - 4 g beads №15 Japanese celadon - 18 of Japanese beads №11 green with rainbow coating- 152 pcs. bikonusnye crystals to 3 mm in diameter, color turquoise - 1 turquoise bead 8 mm in diameter - one teardrop crystal turquoise 12h24 mm - Bead needle №12 - Nylon thread - scissors steps describe how the main element of this necklace - a square. Tat need small and large squares on the basis of a circular mosaic weave and several other techniques of beading.1. Recruit 4 crystal and closable in the ring.Then, at one end of the thread recruit 3 beads №15 and make a loop around the crystal, and then the next and so around 4 times (diagram in Fig. 1). 2. Gaining 3 beads №15, locking ring, pass through the bead of the previous row, 1 bead dress №11, we pass through the bead of the previous row and once again make a ring of three beads №15. Repeat this step only 4 times (diagram in Fig. 2). 3. Again, make a ring of three beads №15 mosaic and weaving weave beads №11, repeat 4 times (Fig. 3 diagram). 4. The locking ring of three beads №11 and then weave 1 bis.№11, 1 crystal and 1 bis. №11 (diagram in Fig. 4), repeat this action a total of 4 times. 5. The final number of the big square. Make a ring on the corner of the three beads №11, continue to weave 2 bis. №11, 1 bis. №11, 3 bis. №15, 1 bis.№11, 2 bis. №11 and again comes a ring at the next corner of the square. Repeat this along the entire square (diagram in Fig. 5). 6. Small squares weave the same way, but with the exception of the last row. All you need to weave 11 large squares and 8 small. How to sew them together, look at the circuit in Fig. 6. 7. Central squares sewn corners of the ends as you can see in the diagram in Fig. 7. 8. Now attach the suspension of beads №11, №15, 1 crystal and 1 drop-shaped crystal, as shown in the diagram in Fig. 8. 9-10. Now we have to make the clasp. On one end you need to attach a bead necklace (diagram Fig. 9), and the other loop of beads №11 so that the bead is tightly passed through it and do not jump out (diagram in Fig. 10). That's emerald necklace is ready. In principle, not so difficult, this can cope with almost every weaving. Have fun and I hope to weave a bright necklace to your taste! Image
 BeadWork magazinehttp://biserok.org/izumrudnoe-kole/
J1 (500x569, 277Kb)

w2 (500x508, 207Kb)

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