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Crochet sandals and dress

Baby crochet sandals
 from natural materials, she rubs it turns very Dsound. Moreover, it can even be washed in the washing machine. Therefore, if you remember, that somewhere there is a little old, but with a good pair of shoes soles, then give her a second life and a new tie cute sandals.

Difficulty level: 
 4 (5).
Size:  25.

You will need:
Materials: 50 grams of cotton and yarn blue, white balances, 400m / 100g two white buttons 1 cm in diameter.
Tools:  a hook № 1,5, shoe awl.

Knitting Technique:  crochet, with nakida bars, bars without nakida.

knitting schemes 
The scheme of knitting bars without nakidaThe scheme of knitting bars with nakida

Knit items 


Along the perimeter of the sole binds one row CTCH, and the puncture site of the sole must be not less than 3-4 mm from the edge. Then knit one more row PTBs and cut the thread. The planned center toes, and the fifth from the center of the loop attach yarn, knit CAP 21 and connecting to the fifth column attach hinges on the opposite side from the center. Then, the STB 3 and knit number CTCH, while in the eleventh loop knit three CTCH, to get the Area, completing a series connecting column.
Knit 4 PTBs on the perimeter, then 12 VI, three for PTBs little corner and over 12 VP, attach the thread to the fifth loop of the previous row, three PTBs, then a number of CTCH, in the 13th loop knit three CTCH.The third strip knit similar to, but not vyvyazyvayut area. Number of loops in this number = 29. The fourth row - knit as well as a third, the number of loops = 33.
The thread is cut off, the center outline the backdrop. Attach the thread to the twentieth loop from the center, knit 40 loops CTCH seven series. Then knit one row and PTBs vyvyazyvayut strap four PTBs on the side of the 32 series of sandals. Then knit three VP, attach to the opposite side of the strap and tied another near PTBs. 


White recruit yarn chain of the EP 40, tied with string PTBs two rows, with the edges make the addition of three loops to rounding. 

Assembly and finishing products 

We sew tab to the top of the barefoot so that it would cover the space bands compound. The free portion of the tongue bend to the width of the strap, tongue hem from the wrong side. We sew on buttons of.
Baby crochet sandals

Elegant dresses for girls 

Elegant dresses for girls hook for 1 year

You will need: 
Materials:  200 grams of white yarn, yarn 50 grams of coral, 450 m / 100 grams, satin lentta. 
Tools:  hook number 2.  

Scheme crochet yoke

Scheme knitting basic pattern

Scheme knitting flowers

Knit items


Dial a chain of 60 ce coquette and knit by the scheme strand coral color. After 10 rows of knitting to continue the white thread split knitting on sleeves, back and perёd so that slot was for the buttons of the back. Leave the sleeves to armholes dial 12 ce .., close to the knitting circle. Knit 5 more rows. 

Hem dress

Continue knitting in a circle at the hem knitting pattern to the desired length. The lower quarter of the hem knit thread coral color. 


Dial a chain of four ce strand coral and close to the ring. Total 7 associate flowers. The last row of knitting yarn of white color.

Assembly and finishing products

Stretch satin ribbon in the last row yoke. Sew the flowers as in the photo, or arbitrarily.

Elegant dresses for girls hook for 1 year

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