Thursday, July 28, 2016


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Bag Knit one round canvas. series. On hosiery needles dial number 4 yarn Cool Wool Big Melange 50 n., To evenly distribute them on 4 needles = 12/13/12/13 n. On each spoke and 7 associate a circle. R. basic pattern yarn Cool Wool Big Melange and 11 circle. R.jacquard pattern 4. Then link the 14 circle. R. yarn Cool Wool Big Melange basic pattern, while in the 10th round. R. alternately knit 2 p. people together, 1 nakida. Loops close. Assembly: perform bottom seam. The top edge of the bag to tie yarn Cool Wool Big Melange one circle. next article. b / n. The common thread Cool Wool Big Melange tie a chain of Air. n. 60 cm long and weave it into a circle. with a number of holes. Assign 2 balls thread Cool Wool Big Melange trail. : in the double ring textile tie 8 of Art. b / n. 1 st round. each p .: p. double the previous row = 16 p .; 2 nd round. p .: Art. w / no increase or decrease; 3rd circle. p .: 2 p. knit together n = 8. The ball stuff cotton wool. The remaining pull loop. Sew beads to the ends of the chain of the Air. n. To handle folded in half to tie the thread Cool Wool Big Melange chain of Air. n. a length of 40 cm and sew it to the bag.


15 (423x517, 191Kb)

15-2 (381x477, 138Kb)

60 (539x700, 405Kb)

60-1 (548x700, 277Kb)

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