Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spiral scarf

19-2 (453x604, 79Kb)

19 (525x700, 456Kb)
19-1 (570x427, 165Kb)
19-2 (453x604, 254Kb)19-3 (453x604, 247Kb)
19-4 (453x604, 237Kb)19-9 (453x604, 264Kb)
 Scarf, spiral bound  
Alternate bands of SS3N connected to the base of the columns from the top of the column with bands associated SS3N -snizu column.  
Making the addition in each row.

19-5 (384x320, 58Kb)

19-6 (322x214, 34Kb)

19-7 (444x304, 71Kb)

19-8 (417x292, 75Kb)

19-10 (391x548, 209Kb)

How to knit these spiral hook. -  

Fusilli - a knitted strip, coiled in a spiral. Such decoration force under perform even novice craftswomen.Fusilli is very interesting to look at children's hats, scarves, bags for decoration, gift.
Consider how they tally. We collect a chain of 25 aerial loops.
Adding 3 air loop for lifting in the next row and perform a column s / n in the 4th loop from the hook


In each subsequent air loop knit 2 column with / n
Here are some bindweed we turned!

If the spiral twisted look is not enough, then you need to knit a column with 3-4 / n in one loop. It depends on the quality and thickness of the yarn.
For children's hats, you can associate multiple spirals of different length, attach them to flower, embroidered with beads. Beauty!

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