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P ® P ± RєR ° -RїR ° C ‡ RєR ° (640x427, 437Kb)

For a short pack will need:
- about 50 rectangular pieces of tulle (medium hardness) 20 cm x 50 cm
- scissors
- for clothing elastic (waist circumference minus 4 cm).
Note: the fabric is easy to cut, "gross". You can make 10 layers, for example, and cut it.
Step 1: Tie the rubber band on the unit and adjust it on foot (or in her chair).
Step 2: Take a square of fabric cut and tying it to the gum on the site. You can come up with a "pattern" by color and follow it.
Step 3 binds all gum.
Step 4. When the skirt is ready, you can  trim with scissors, holding the ends.

In the first picture are two kinds of winding of different width.  


Cut into strips. 

The dense and high-quality rubber, the width 
 of at least  2 cm.
Knotted on foot (or on a chair).  

Take one band. 

Fold and fastens around the gum behind the middle of the band.

And this  ordinary node , continue to tie up to the end, tight, so as not to unleash
Fan the tulle straps after assembly.
Tie a tight knot, 

If you want to place as many bands as possible, how to wring the cloth in the "tube". 

Yellow stripe on the left passing the gum - it's wrong. Elastic stretch at the end of the work and do not pull together.The skirt will then fall to the waist and adjust it properly it would be impossible. Pink knot right - right - he was not passing the gum, in the end of the rubber band can be properly adjusted at the waist.
Kind of in the process.  

Knotted bow satin ribbon. For decorative beauty.

Thread the ribbon through the loop and is fastened on a conventional bow.
The final touch - trimmed skirt. Evenly cut, previously holding the ends of the fabric into a fist. 


And thus it is possible to give the skirt. Make a bag of tulle and to put a skirt.

P ® P ± RєR ° -RїR ° C ‡ RєR ° (640x427, 437Kb)

P ® P ± RєR ° -RїR ° C ‡ RєR ° (640x427, 437Kb)

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