Friday, May 13, 2016


Elegant delicate blouse. . Hook + spokes . Delicate blouse, crocheted and knitting Size: 44 You will need: 400 g (220 mx 100 g) white cotton yarn,knitting needles number 4; hook № 3,5; pearl buttons. Before you start knitting, adjust the pattern in size. Tie patterns stocking coats and openwork pattern under the scheme 24, otparte iron through a damp cloth and determine the knitting density of the vertical and horizontal to the size of the final product corresponds to what was intended. Following the model of the basic knit (front surface of) and templates make knitting calculation.Tie back the details, and then left and right sides of shelves, forming the outlines of parts in accordance with the pattern. Before performing the sleeves, cut the pattern and align the side seams. Strictly by then, the pattern knit front embroidery details sleeves. Finished parts otparte. tie longitudinal edges of shelves with 2 rows of sc and from knit lace inserts openwork pattern, making ubavki to form a cutout according to the pattern.tie the longitudinal edges of the sleeves RLS. From one end of the transverse knit lace inserts, making allowances, and then ubavki for OKATO. Connect lace insert with a second longitudinal edge of the sleeve in the process of knitting the last row arochek of 5VP. Do this as follows: instead of the average VP arochek of 5 VP knit sc in sc binding edge sleeves. Assemble shelves and back along the side and shoulder seams.To tie bars 4 rows sc. In the 5th series of strips, an air loop as shown in the diagram as well. The length of the chains of the EP and the number of columns strapping determine experimentally. Along the lower edge of the jacket, do 6 rows sc. Second row sc tie, attaching for the nearest half-loop.Now knit openwork rim according to the scheme under the strap of RLS, starting work on the second row sc strap, for attaching the far half-loop.Rounding the back fringe, create a partial knitting as shown in Figure b.Sew sleeves. At the bottom make the harness with 4 rows of sc. For the collar first tie a small rack - 3 rows sc, then, departing from the edge at a distance of bars, knit self collar RLS. To form the corners make allowances from the sides in each row. Pattern the finished product appliqué flowers (scheme) with a volume midway. Source TVORYU

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