Saturday, May 28, 2016


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Original flowers: Crochet
Description crochet flower:
Enter the chain of 9 vozd.petel, close it in the ring and knit 1st row, starting with the one Air.lifting loop 17 st b / n.
2nd row start with 3 vozd.petel lift and knit st s / n, making the addition of through one loop, that is, provyazyvaya of one loop with 2 tablespoons / n.
3rd row begin to knit the basis of the petals: dial a chain of 22 vozd.petel and secure it through 2 loops st b / n, should have 14 arochek.
Then begin to fasten arches provyazyvaya 11th century w / o, 2 vozd.petli on top, 11 st b / n, so we repeat tieing 5-6 in circular rows.
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