Tuesday, May 24, 2016


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Bag fit in very easily and quickly. the main element is the motive of the hook.
You will need: 250g of yarn Charm gray, 20 g blue and turquoise colors, one meter of lining fabric, hook №2,5, zipper 30 cm long, dublerin (laying leather parts), soft leather brown, two half rings (planting belt bags).
Job Description
Under the scheme №1 tie twelve integers motifs and two polumotiva with blue flowers under the scheme №2. Next, connect the motives for the corners as shown on the submitted photos. 
After lining tailor the size of the resulting bag, sew, and sew the zipper. Tailor the belt 90 * 6 cm, glue density Dublerin detail. Fold strap in half and sew. Then tailor the loop for half rings, fold them in half and sew. Insert a half-ring in the loop, sew the front side on the edges of the zipper bags. In the half rings insert belt. As fasteners, tailor and sew the loop to the bag 2 * 6.5cm and brush 12 * 20 cm.

3937411_sumkasvyazannayakruchkomizmotivov (313x405, 28Kb)

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