Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hats and gloves SE
The model is a hook.
You will need: 100 x / b strands; Hook №2.
Knit cap unfinished columns with 1 nakida, starting from the top of the scheme 101.
Knit rows, indicated in the diagram, repeat the last row of a further 8 times and tie the edge of the cap with two rows of sc. 
Decorate the hat "rosettes" (Diagram 101 a) and the "leaves", related the schemes 6 101, 101 and 101 g
Knit gloves sirloin grid (circuit 101 d).
At VP knit chain of 30 cells sirloin grid and somknite knitting circle.
Attention! Check the size of the fitting.
Knit circle with rotations of 13 rows, adding one cell from the thumb in the 8th row. In the 14th row crochet mark, highlighting the cells for 12 hands and 12 cells for the back side, other cells - in the thumb.
Cells palm and the back of the fingers start to knit - even the 7-series. Next knit each finger separately, taking on the palm and the back of the cell 3 and knit between the two sides for 2 cells. The length of each finger, determine fitting. Dovyazav finger to the end, gently pull the top of the working end of the thread. The thumb on the link above left loops, adding 2 cells from the palm of your hand.
Tie the lower edge of the glove with two rows of sc. Decorate the gloves "rosettes" (Diagram 101 a) and leaf 
patterns on the 1016, 101, 101 g

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