Sunday, March 20, 2016


SIZE: 46
 You will need: 450 g cotton yarn pink (250mh 50 g), 20 g of cotton viscose black (560 mx 100 g), number of hooks 1,5i№ 1.75; needle. The model is made ​​in the technique of coupling guipure and requires you to compose motives skills so that the product follows the contours of the pattern. Please follow the pattern working, adjust it by their standards.Then tie a variety of reasons: the small five and six-petal flowers, volumetric bunk flowers, circles, focusing on the basic circuit 4 - 4 g. Caution Scheme is not an exact copy, but only shows the principle of knitting. In the original model, the author of decoration of the individual flowers are voluminous seredinki- berries (Fig. 4a), made ​​in a contrasting color thread. Ready motives lay on the pattern face down, making the composition. The most reasonable position fix namitka. As a connecting element, filling the void, follow the needle irregular grid twisted Breeden (tension thread - stitching, thrown as a "bridge" between the connection points). First, connect the individual motifs shelves, back and sleeves, and then the side and shoulder seams. In the process, take care to maintain the integrity of the pattern on the joints parts. Pattern the contours of the neck, sleeves and bottom product fringe of spirals (cx. 4 h)


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