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This is a scheme of the magazine.
There's a thin thread recommended 100 g - 550 m, but it is not very much of it a result
I have taken here such strings
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Initially forming a chain of an arbitrary number of stitches, then try on the chain on our head, not strongly pulling
Further knit series of columns with nakida on a chain, not closed in the ring

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next row of columns without nakida knit reverse next, ie. E. Povarachivaetsya knitting and knit on the wrong side, I realized for myself, this is done to ensure that the figure was more textured
only now as the following examples on the head combine our knitting in the ring

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that's how it looks on the face

6343897_89820thumb500 (500x375, 73Kb)
and I also connected al 1 series with Art / n and a series of turning to art / sc without, it seemed to me so it is better

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now knit a number of columns with email: do loop lifting and skipping 5,6,7 loops, depending on the height of your column, and the desired number of shells - I somewhere I missed 5, where a 6 loops to fit the number of shells to 9, 10, tried, it came out very much, knit 6 post columns in a loop - the number of turns - 12, then again miss 5-6 loops and knit 2 tbsp / without sc and t. e. to the end of the series
6346584_69496thumb500 (500x375, 70Kb)
Now knit a number of columns with sc, I was knitting between the table ikami 2 tablespoons / n, in the image is clearly visible, also by the amount v / N, you can adjust the size of your beret
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6365383_31392thumb500 (500x375, 90Kb)
Now knit a number of connecting bars, trying to knit loosely, and then it will be hard to knit rachy move it, we will bind both time clinging series with connecting bumps
6346587_55403thumb500 (500x375, 74Kb)
Further Rachego number and step number of the 4 - number of twisted columns, a number of article / n, a number comp. bars and a number of Rachego step I repeat 3 times - ie, turns 12 rows, but then I start to narrow down our picks..

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This is the view from the inside out
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I write a brief description of what I imposed:
A total of 9 repeats in my height, the first three I already described, they are the same, due to their growth is further diminish
4 rapport - knit columns 5 to 10 turns
5.6 rapport - knit column 4 to 10 turns
7 rappopt - knit column 3 to 7 turns
8 rapport - knit 2 column 6 coils
9 rapport - a circle in the middle, 12 columns by 5 turns without dovyazyvaem them to the end, and then provyazyvaem together or connect a needle

beret tied rachim step through the loop

Here is the final version
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2. 3.
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