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Summer bagSummer Bag  crocheted №2. Yarn 100% cotton. Scheme knitting summer handbag hook  
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Handbag square motifs fit in very easily and is suitable also for a beginner to crochet. For bags must link three squares on the chart. The larger you want to have a handbag, just more so near the square you want to link. When knitting a square can alternate different colors, such as shown in these photographs.5988810_Vyazanaya_symka_iz_kvadratov_3 (405x500, 22Kb)
5988810_Vyazanaya_symka_iz_kvadratov_4 (492x500, 89Kb)
The palette of soft pastel shades of powdery color to mint and lavender: triangular shawl and bag will be lovely romantic kit.

Description of the model

Dimensions:  scarf: the width of the upper edge - approx. 186 cm; height - approx. 66 cm;Bag: 28 x 21 cm

You will need:  Yarn (100% Cotton, 90 m / 50 g) -  for shawls  100 g gray, pink, light blue, light green and light gray; for I have bags  of 150 g of sulfur and 50 g of pink, light blue, light green and light gray; circular needles number 6; hook № 4,5.

Triangular shawl

Note:  due to the large number of loops knit on circular needles rows in the forward and reverse direction.
Pattern 1:  garter stitch = right and wrong rows - facial hinge.
Pattern 2:  peacock pattern (number of loops multiply 17 + 2 edge) = knit acc. scheme. It gives facial ranks. In backstitches ranks of all the loops and nakida provyazyvat Wrong.Constantly repeating rapport between the edge and 1-4 th ranks.
The sequence of stripes:  4 * number of pink, light gray, light blue, light green and gray thread from * to constantly repeat.
Underlined ubavki:  in facial ranks  in the beginning of the series = bead and knit 2 sts along the front; at the end of series 2 = front edge loop knit together with a slope to the left (1 to remove the loop as the front. 1 front, then stretch it over the removed loop). In backstitches ranks  at the beginning of a series of bead = 2 loops purl knit together crossed at the end of a number = front edge knit 2 sts together purl.
Density knitting:  Pattern 2 - 15 n x 17 p.. = 10 x 10 cm.
Note:  scarf knit with constant ubavkami upwards. The sides of the details, including the last 6 loops form the top edge of the handkerchief. The initial number of parts forming the tapered side edges handkerchief.
Job Description:  gray thread dial on the spokes 342 loops and associate series of facial 1 Wrong. This series is not considered in the subsequent calculations. For clarity, since the 171st loop (= the middle of the work) vdet vertical thread in the work and extend it up. Continue to work pattern 2 acc. lanes sequence, wherein for angular edges emphasized subtract from both sides in each row (facial and purl rows) 112 x 1 n.  At the same time  in every personal number in the middle before and after the label subtract 56 x 1 n as follows:. Each 1 th row of the pattern before and after the mark knit 2 sts together purl. Every 3rd row of the pattern before the label knit 2 sts along the front, after the label knit 2 sts together with the slope to the left. When performing ubavok ensure that the number of remaining nakida and knit together loops coincide within the pattern. Through 66 cm = 112 rows from the initial number (measured in the middle) to close the remaining 6 para.

A bag

Dimensions:  28 x 13 cm (floor area), height - 21 cm

Warning:  Knit only double thread!

Pattern 1: The  basic pattern = knitting art. w / circular rows, each circular row start with 1 at. n. instead of the 1st item. b / n. and finish 1 Comm. Art. in the century. n. replacements.
Pattern 2: The  pattern of lush bars (initial number of loops multiple of 3 + 2) = knit acc.scheme right on the edge of the bottom, at the same time point under the scheme depicted Art. b / n the pattern 1. Each circular row start with 3. n. and 3 loops (rapport = 1) before rapport, rapport repeat constantly, complete loop after rapport and 1 comp. Art. in 1st start in.f. Run 1 time 1st and 2nd circular rows, all of the following series of circular knit as the 2nd circular row.
The sequence of bands:  3 circular series of gray thread on 2 circular series of pink, light green and blue thread, 3 circular series of light-gray thread = a total of 12 circular rows. Density knitting:  Pattern 1 - 13 n x 14 round. R. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 2 -. 12, p initial x 7.5 circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm.
Caution:  for technical reasons, the bottom part and the bag on the pattern shown separately.
Job description:  to the bottom of the gray thread perform a chain of 21. p. + 1. f. Recovery and knit Pattern 1, while for the 1st series of circular 21-2 run in th loop of the initial number of 1 tbsp. b / n., to perform the angle to the 1st VP 3 tbsp. b / n. (1 = angular loop), and expand the work to tie the 2nd side in the initial chain of. n. 20 Art. b / n. for the angle of finish 3 tbsp. b / n. in the ce lifting and 1 comp. Art. in the 1 st century. b / n. = 46 n. 1. Continue pattern  at the same time  add in each row are 6 x 8 p., This in the middle of the 3 corners loops continuously perform angular 1 loop = 94 n. In the 8th row circular added only 4 p., to do this in the middle angular loop for 2 tablespoons. b / n. N = 98.  Note:  as a result of increases increases the number of loops between the corner loops (= see also the dotted line on the pattern). In the 9th circular row of increases not perform, Art. b / n. performed only in the rear units Art. b / n. previous circular series. A 6.5 cm = 9 circular rows from the initial set of loops number reaches 98 n. For details of the bag to continue the work pattern 2 acc.bands sequences, thus ensure that the long sides of the bottom (= the right and wrong side) was located on the 11 repeats, and on the short sides - 5 repeats = 32 rapport. For strap pocket through 16 cm = 12 rows from the beginning of the circular knitting parts to fix bags new gray thread at the beginning of the front side and knit Pattern 1 again while around each in. n., and in each column of a lush perform 1 tbsp. b / n. = 98 n. The handles in the 4th row circular strips skip average 15 n. The right and wrong sides of the bag with 20 in. n., respectively, and tied in. p. in the next circumferential row 25 of Art. b / n. respectively = 118 n. For a strong edge in 5 cm = 7 circle. R. from start knitting perform strips 1 lap. R. a loop of the bottom row, this will reduce the number of the circular strap width 4.5 cm.

Driving a bandanna and a handbag

The scheme of knitting a colorful shawl with wavy pattern and bag section knitting scarves for women knitted fashion modelsThe scheme of knitting a colorful shawl with wavy pattern and bag section knitting scarves for women knitted fashion modelsThe scheme of knitting a colorful shawl with wavy pattern and bag section knitting scarves for women knitted fashion modelsThe scheme of knitting a colorful shawl with wavy pattern and bag section knitting scarves for women knitted fashion models

knitted bag leaves

knitted bag leaves
knitted bag leaves
knitted bag leaves
knitted bag leaves
The yarn was knitted handbags for this Pick up with cotton, that the product was stronger and leaves pattern clearly visible.
I do not know how much yarn can go to the top with crochet, but 200 grams is quite enough.
Driving spokes pattern - leaves:

Dimensions:  36-40 (42-46)
You will need:  yarn Schachenmayr CATANIA ALOE VERA (100% mercerized cotton 125 m / 50 g.) For the pullover 300 (350) g of lavender (color 01/84.); № 3-4 circular needle length of from 80 to 40 cm; for bags of 300 grams lavender (color 01784.); straight spokes number 2,5-3,5; 2 hosiery needles № 3-3,5; 80 cm thick 90 cm wide fabric for the lining; sewing thread.
Garter:  persons. and PHI. R. - Persons. P.
The front surface of:  persons. R. - Persons. n., PHI. R. - PHI. P.; in circular rows of loops provyazyvat persons.
Embossed track:  knit folded twice the thread. Forward and backward ranks: an odd number of loops. 1st p. (individuals, p.)... Chrome, PHI 1 * 1 .. n remove a PHI, thread before the needle, repeat from *, 1 PHI, chrome.. 2nd p .: Chrome., 1 pt. To remove as the PHI., Thread for needle, * 1 individuals., 1 pt. To remove as the PHI., For the needle thread, repeat from *, chrome. Circular ranks: an even number of loops. 1st circular p .: * 1 PHI., 1 pt. To remove as the PHI., A thread before the needle, repeat from *. 2nd circular p .: * 1 p. To remove a PHI., A thread before the needle, PHI 1., Repeat from *. Run the 1st and 2nd p. / Circular number 1 again.
The pattern for coquette:  in circular knit rows * 8 n pattern A1 or A2 10 para pattern, then the pattern No. 20 B, repeat from *, at the same time in each repeat subtract according to Scheme 12 (14) n For the size of the 36.... 40 knitting patterns for A1 and B for A2 size 42-46 on schemes and B. Pattern A1 and A2: repeat 1-6 th circular p. Pattern B: run 1-58 minutes (1-62 minutes) p. 1 time.
The density of knitting. The front surface of spokes № 3-4:. 21 p and 32 p / p circular.. = 10 x 10 cm; pattern for coquette, spokes number 3-4:. 25 n and 34 circular p. = 10 x 10 cm; Garter Stitch, needles №2,5-3,5: 23 p and 43 p.. = 10 x 10 cm.

Pullover: knitting description
Before and back:  Knit circular needles number 3-4 single blade circular rows, for the convenience of using a longer or shorter spokes. Cruciate set dial on the spokes 222 (238) p., Then knit 1 circular p. persons. and to celebrate the 1st item. back to the beginning, as well as the 112 th (120 th) n. to start the forehand. Then knit circular rows of persons. embroidery. At 6 cm (19 circular p.) From typesetting to remove a number pritalivaniya each next 4th circular p. 10 times each marked with the previous loop as the loop persons., 1 individuals. and stretch it through the loop removed = 182 (198) etc .; next 4th circular p. and 9 times each following the 4th circular p. vyvyazat 1 persons. crossed. of the transverse thread before and after each marked loop = 222 (238) n. A 34 cm (circular 109 p.) by a number of typesetting work to divide and at the same time begin to perform armholes. To do this, knit 106 (114) n., 10 n. Close, knit 101 (109) p. For the forehand, 10 n., And close to 101 (109) p. To finish the first back.Forehand loops postponed. To knit armholes on both sides still 5 times in each of the following persons. R. at the beginning of a series of chrome., the following loop to remove both parties., 1 individuals. and stretch it over the removed loop, after a number of knit the two loops before chrome. together persons. = 91 (99) n. At a height of 38 cm knit 2 more p. embossed tracks folded in half thread, then loop postponed. Before finish as well and put the loop. Overall height = 38.5 cm.
Round yoke:  first dial the spokes Phillips set 49 (51) n for each sleeve, a loop set aside.. Next, knit 91 (99) n. Backrest, 49 (51) n. Of sleeves. 91 (99) n. Forehand and 49 (51) n. The second sleeve persons. = 280 (300) n. Then knit * 8 (10) p. Pattern A1 (A2). 20 n. The pattern and repeat from * 9 times, at the same time in each repeat to perform subtraction in accordance with circuit pattern B = 160 n., After the 55th (61st) of the circular p. At an altitude of 58 (62) of circular p. More circular knit 2 p. embossed tracks and loops to close a single thread at the height of the yoke 18 (19) cm,
Assembling:  pullover spread on the pattern, moisturize and leave to dry.
Description of knitting bag
The front and rear side:  to begin to knit from the top edge, see also the arrow on the pattern.. At spokes dial number 2,5-3,5 71 n. And knit in garter stitch. A 14 cm (60 p.) From a number of typesetting close to roundings on both sides 1 p., Then in each 6-m p. 2 x 1 n., In each 4-m p. 4 x 1 n., In each 2-m p. 3 x 1 pt., 3 x 2 sts., 1 x 4 sts., And the remaining 31 n. The total height = 24 cm.
The bottom of the lateral parts:  dial the spokes 10 n and knit in garter stitch.. For hinges directly knit 4 cm (18 p.), Then vyvyazat on both sides at the beginning and end of the series to 1 persons. crossed. of transverse yarns and repeating such adding 9 more times every 2 p. = 30 n. At a height of 69 cm to close on both sides 1 p., Then every 2-m p. 9 x 1 pt. And the remaining 10 n. Knit for the 2nd loop More 4 cm (18 p.), Then close the loop.
Side pocket:  dial the spokes Phillips set 30 n and knit 15 cm garter stitch.. All loops close.
Woven cords and braids:  2 hosiery needles number 3-3,5 dial 4 sts and knit as follows:. * Do not turn the job and move the loop to the other end of the spokes, and then tighten thread and knit 4 persons, repeat from *. to achieve the desired length, with the cord from time to time to sip length to loop uniformly distributed. The thread is cut and pull with it using the last number of loops. To braid run cords 1.5 times the length of the shelf.
Assembly:  the front and back sides sewn to the bottom with side parts, beginning and ending at the hinges, refer • to the pattern.. Unscrew the hinges inside and sew. Side pocket sewn on the side part, from a distance of 10 cm from the loop. Produce for the front and back side for 3 cord weave them into a braid length of 30 cm and sew to the initial number. Run 1 clasp for bags: as a button to make a cord length of 30 cm, sew it into a spiral and sew. Because the cord length of 12 cm to make a loop for the button and sew it on the inside of the rear side.For the lining bag paper to make a pattern first, then cut out the fabric with seam allowance, with the band for bottoms with side pieces cut out without loops a length of 4 cm. Sew the lining and insert it into the bag. On the side panels pockets lay on both sides of a hinge fold and sew a few stitches. Weave cords of 3 by 2 to 15 cm long tresses, stretch them and through loops joined in a ring. To weave the handle 4 in a pigtail cord length of about 100 cm cm. Weave pattern.Pull about 10 cm from the beginning and the end of the braid through the ring on the hinges and well sewn. Produce 2 cord length of 40 cm. Wrap them sewn sewn beginning and end of the braids and sew. To produce 1 more cord length of about 50 cm, wrap them and sew the middle of the handle.
Summer pullover spokes and knitting bag diagram detailing
Scheme knitting detailing
Summer pullover spokes and Bag Pattern
Pattern and pigtails knitting scheme for bags Cord
Summer pullover spokes and bag pattern handbag
Pattern bags
Summer pullover spokes and bag a table for women sizes

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