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To work required:
- Beads (preferably transparent, but can be any) 1 faceted bead
- 0.4 mm wire, scissors and pliers
- monofilament, thread floss, PVA glue, a cocktail stick.

Could not remove anything on your beads and monofilament, therefore, for clarity, take a thick wire, monstrous beads and sewn with white thread to all ...

To begin with we take a piece of wire and bend the loop. At one end of the tie thread and recruit the required number of beads. The thread passes under the wire, encircles it and passes through a series of bead in the opposite direction, once more the number of pass through, going around to the wire beads tightly held in a wire frame. This is the first series.
be0a95a93416 (623x640, 80Kb)
The most uncomfortable place in all work - the second row, has not yet fixed the beads swinging.
Needle OVER wire just one pass Biserko, what would it start to sew the second row.
Gaining Biserko and pass through the first to the second. Gaining Biserko and pass through the second to the third, etc.
14e4c13c4a82 (611x640, 100Kb)
... that somehow I prefer to sew "away" ... but that does not necessarily ...
Thus, this manual weaving, go through the whole series. The output of the needle OVER wire. Turn the wire loop that circles the wire thread and pass through a series again rotated and repeated passage of the thread through the bead row, pulling the beads to the wire.
65ee5cc3b662 (627x640, 80Kb)
Bates beads replacement biserok 2 to 1 or 3 to 2.
3d04539bb412 (631x640, 106Kb)
Here is the number, stitched with the replacement of 3 to 2. He shifted on-Biserka floor, fabric gives a very dense and smooth. So stitched upper edge of a leaf of white narcissus. The yellow is a reduction by 1 Biserko middle leaf.
d7ae01749e17 (612x640, 67Kb)
It is easy to wire sewn Ndebele art and mosaics. This is useful when sewing long leaves.
675afaebec1b (634x640, 70Kb)
c4f9ebb6b921 (640x636, 58Kb)
9d149f1f7d05 (640x630, 48Kb)
if you sew a small piece of paper Ndebele, the embroidered fabric on the hands can be vdet wire in extreme beaded rows and fix it on the decrease
6a1066d0440d (640x635, 81Kb)
You can sew on a wire and brick technique
b2d25dab4cfa (640x618, 70Kb)
Leaflet for other colors may be terminated by a wide margin. Tighten the wire, so that it fell exactly on the top edge of the last row of beads and sew across the top of each bead to the wire. Hide tails monofilament inside bead rows, moving from one to the other, before reaching the edge, so there was no risk of accidentally hook and pull the monofilament.
e5102ebc30c4 (626x640, 62Kb)
For yellow narcissus biserok dial 12 and the upper edge of the leaf to sew, subtracting 1 Biserko in a row. Sheet finish 2 Biserko. Turn the leaf upside down, attached to the left at the beginning of the ponytail and sew to the base of the leaf.
12 beads
10 beads
9 beads
8 beads
7 beads
5 beads
4 beads
Finishing the two beads and leaf curl wire tails previously adjusting embroidered cloth.
Total - leaf consists of 19 horizontal rows.
According to this schedule sew 6 petals
e33527f23bff (638x640, 121Kb)
We collect them on a wire
87790bcf346e (640x615, 98Kb)
Making Flower corolla: in the mosaic technique weave ribbon, closable in the ring, one edge in embroidered ruffles, another is reduced.
4eb6b72381cd (640x637, 111Kb)
From beads and beads collect serdtsevinku.
72887125020d (640x639, 77Kb)
Procrastination serdtsevinki not miss corolla center and between the beads and fishing line, spanning the last ring, at the same distance from each other
8c9bb83ae706 (630x640, 104Kb)
These wires are threaded between the beads and wire twist on the petals, located opposite. Firmly tighten the wire serdtsevinki and twist them to flower corolla tightly pressed to the petals. Then pull the wire tight which collected petals and wrap one end of the wire assembly exactly as tight as possible.
6e199b68f4c0 (640x627, 108Kb)
Now turn cocktail tubules. Flower turns very weighty and large, so the tube is necessary to strengthen and lengthen. Cut along the 2 tubes and insert them into the third. This is quite enough. Now twist the wire flower Bends in the loop, insert it in a long wire that is twisted too. compress the whole pliers. Long tolerate the wire into a tube
5710579f010b (640x616, 83Kb)
Firmly tightened, the wire bends up and over the punctured hole in the stem again miss inside.
d829dd62c2e1 (640x634, 48Kb)
Now you stalk tight, turn to turn, without overlaps, wrap the floss thread and fluff all with white glue. If there is a need - to paint with acrylic paint on top of the desired color.
5681cbad0305 (640x632, 102Kb)
Now turn green leaves. At daffodils are long and straight. Since they will be because of the great lengths they need heavy stitching on the twin wire. Incidentally, the delay tail when working better connect masking tape, so less will cling monofilament ...
56c754508ecc (640x580, 81Kb)
Sew the leaves of the wire barrels each other by a few centimeters. Wrapping them around the stem and sew the rest of the free edge, tightly pulling monofilament. Pierce in a couple of places stalk through, sew so that leaves to the stem.
54437d11b882 (640x634, 78Kb)

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