Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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Continuing the theme of children's gifts for my friends little girls tied another bandage. 
I apologize for the quality of pictures, because FOTA at the last moment before presenting :) flower diameter of about 7 cm. To use: Threads Iris peach, YarnArt Violet Green Iris yellow, YarnArt Begonia white beads yellow and pink, hook №1, wire bead 0.3 orange. The flower Assign a chain of 10 VP. Starting from the 2nd loop knit 8 sc. Turn the knitting. Knit 9 sc, in the 10th loop knit 3 sc sc 9 and again. Turn the knitting. Knit 10 sc in the 11th loop knit 3 sc sc 10 again. In this series pave the wire, so that, in consequence, it was possible to make the petals form. The wire is not obrezat.Pervy Petal ready. For the second lobe gain further 12 AM (2 for the distance between the petals, a 10-basis-lobe) .Vyazat is similar to the first, in the last row of pave the wire, for this turn of the second tab so that it is convenient knit wire continued after the first petal. So tie 9 petals. The core is connected in a circle in the technique bead  in which you want to string beads on the working thread. It took me somewhere 250 pcs. The last row of the core to get involved from 5 beads to get the arc, which the latter makes a series of voluminous.Calyx : tie 6-12-18-24-30-36-42 circle of green thread without lifting loops. Assembly : sew the first pitch to the core bit superimposing one lobe to another (if desired), and then sew the flower cup. You can fill the flower synthetic padding, again if desired. Bandage taken from other knitters. Here is a diagram.

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