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19992109_83655nothumb650 (610x610, 307Kb)
strings Soso, 200g expense hook №2
19992123_31298nothumb650 (610x610, 276Kb)

Handbag is connected based on the work Vendula Maderska
19992124_79423nothumb650 (610x610, 261Kb)
For the white cap of the basis the scheme
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19992145_36445nothumb650 (500x348, 77Kb)

19992238_21934 (552x700, 185Kb)
19992241_54337 (684x700, 304Kb)
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###Double crochet – American version (the Column with nakida)###
###column without nakida. It’s called American single crochet###
VP - Air loop 
sc - bar without nakida 
SS - connecting column 

2 sc together - decrease RLS
sn = Air Loop; 
sc = column without nakida; 
CCH = column with nakida; 
PRSPs = polustolbik with nakida; 
ss = connecting bar; 
increase (from PRSPs or CCH) = 2 column (PRSPs or CLOs) in one loop; 
ubavka = knit 2 together without nakida column, 
Scheme for the pink hat, only to expand my 8 columns with nakida, not 4 like in the diagram. At the height of knit 27 rows (at the age of 2 years for the other rows 28-29 age should do in order to more deeply was), then three rows of columns without nakida to expand the fields in the last row of columns without nakida do increase -in every fifth loop knit 2 column without nakida. Then nothing to add. Fields are not bound by the scheme, and alternating column with nakida normal and relief, I knit 6 rows in height, 8 if you do, you get into this field width .
19992181_14687 (699x625, 227Kb)

19992271_20857 (632x700, 290Kb)
For the front and rear of the sliding hinge linked to 12 CCH, then increased in each of the 12 wedges on 1ssn. In order to cover this first knitted purse flower, and then continued in a circle. In one series of knitting 3 column with nakida in a bun, 1 ch. White threads knit rows of columns without nakida. Circle tally of 10 CLO or 9ssn and 2 tbsp w / n.
19992311_29680 (700x669, 381Kb)
Rear part
19992330_42254 (700x627, 413Kb)
Without taking knitting yarn immediately sidewall PRS-5 series, the beginning and the end of 1,2,4 and 5 series in 5CT without nakida, keeping the thread-bound handle tape lace. Here is one my purse
19992339_52109 (700x668, 401Kb)

He annexed the front of the bag tying columns without nakida. Sew cover. In the course of knitting mixed in beads
19992374_55323 (700x619, 402Kb)
19992377_12243 (700x670, 433Kb)
19992384_86616 (700x601, 363Kb)

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