Friday, December 23, 2016


Knit crochet scheme butterflies lesson

Need a beautiful butterfly for the pillows, dresses or hairpins? Here is a simple and very cute knitting diagram of a butterfly.
How to tie a butterfly diagram free

###Double crochet – American version (the Column with nakida)###

###column without nakida. It’s called American single crochet###

1. Tie a chain of 5 stitches and close it in the ring.
2. The rise of 3 aircraft (VP), 1 column with nakida (CCH) 2 VI 2SsN. And 7 times {2 CCH 2} VI.
3. The rise of 3 aircraft (VP), CCH 2, 3 VI, 3 CCH. And 7 times {3 CCH 3 VP, CLO 3}.
4. Change the color. Knit a chain of 3 Air last number 3 VP, CLO 5, 1 EP, 6 CLOs between "petals simple 1 column (ST). And 7raz {6 CCH, 1 EP, 6 CCH, CT 1}.
5. Change the color back. Knit edges: 1 polustolbik (SS), 1 EP - in each loop of the last series.
6. Fold in half the resulting flower, tie a separate body and antennae (20 VI 10 PS, 10 EP, PS 10, PS 10). Sew them to the butterfly.
crochet butterfly free pattern
I used acrylic Alize, a hook 3 mm, but these beautiful butterflies are derived from thin threads.


babo4ka-vz (700x650, 69Kb)  

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