Thursday, November 3, 2016

KNITTED SNOWFLAKES...+.. 40 scheme crochet ideas.

Christmas decorations snowflakes crocheted napkins
candlestick with knitted snowflake

candlestick with knitted snowflake

Stand crochet snowflake

crochet snowflake

snowflake tie crochet tablecloth

candlestick crochet snowflakes
Bank with snowflake
gift with decoration crochet tie

crochet snowflake

ideas crocheted snowflakes

crochet snowflake decoration on Christmas tree

decor Christmas cards crochet snowflake
crochet snowflake on a postcard

crochet snowflake tie

crochet snowflake

crochet snowflake garland tree

snowflake crochet Christmas tree

crocheted snowflakes to decorate the new year

Christmas snowflakes crocheted

Christmas garland from snowflakes crocheted

crochet snowflakes

crocheted snowflakes on the wreath
crocheted snowflakes on wreath
how to tie a snowflake

Christmas pendant knitted crochet snowflakes

Christmas pendant hook

crown crochet snowflakes


And now for the schemes. Each snowflake pattern takes his total of three elements ... 
Christmas decorations snowflakes crocheted napkins

cloth snowflakes scheme

How to dry snowflakes.

(And how to make them hard - 3 ways)

And the main secret - after mating snowflakes they need to shape . That they were tverdenkimi and callous. There are three ways Harden snowflakes - three solutions.
The first method. Starch and dry in the expanded form. D elaem solution of 3 tablespoons of starch to 1 tablespoon of cold water. 
Moisten snowflake starch solution and leveled on a cardboard sheet - and that snowflake is well stretched,  ran across pins - to snowflake stretched and shrank back - and dried in a straightened form. Then, it will keep its solid form, hardened due to starch.
Snowflake doily crocheted
The second method. Sugar snowflake . Make a sugar syrup - 1 cup of water 16 tablespoons of sugar - all set on fire to the sugar has dissolved. Immerse in syrup snowflake. We get put on a sheet of cardboard, covered with polyethylene - flatten the snowflake, anchoring pins.
The third method. Soak gelatin. Buy a bag of edible gelatin. And preparing a solution according to the instructions on the bag (soaked, then heated to dissolve the gelatin - a gelatin syrup and immerse snowflake ... or we put a syrup to brush a snowflake.

HOW TO TIE HOOK snowflakes.

Diagrams and a master-class in a simple pattern.

how to tie a snowflake

snowflake tie without her scheme


snowflakes crochet scheme
crochet snowflake schema
crochet snowflakes scheme
And here are a few schemes ... Their images I found in such poor blurry and pale form - that they decided to draw the circuit again in good quality.
Christmas snowflake schema
snowflakes crochet scheme
knitted snowflake schema
knitted snowflake schema

Scheme for Openwork snowflakes.

openwork snowflakes scheme

knitted snowflake schema

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